New Allergy Treatment

TAAG is now offering a new treatment for grass and ragweed allergies!!

New grass and ragweed allergy treatments are now available in oral (by mouth!) immunotherapy tablets. Two different tablets for grass pollen allergy have been approved by the FDA. One medication is indicated for ages 5 years and up, and the other tablet is indicated for ages 10 and up. The ragweed immunotherapy tablet is indicated for ages 18 and up. Both medications must be taken every day for maximum effect. The first dose must be given in an office where allergy testing is provided.

Will these new medications help me?

The board certified allergists at The Allergy & Asthma Group will uncover the reason why patients are having allergy symptoms by reviewing each patient’s medical history and providing appropriate allergy testing. Once a diagnosis is made, our allergists design a treatment plan that will help improve their patients' quality of life. If grass pollens or ragweed are the cause of the symptoms, our allergists will determine if these new treatment plans would be beneficial.